11 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Introducing Tekirdağ Province 5

Anatolia, the Near East and Europe between migration, invasion, trade, culture, shopping of all kinds, such as the realization of the relationship over Thrace, the most important feature of our region has been in the past as it is today.
The placement of the upper layers of the transfer of the Old Stone Tekirdağ Saray district of the valley of the sun in rock and Gungormez were found in caves. (I.Ö.40000-10000) Şarköy, the first land district of residence for the period (Neolithic) stone axes were centers of production. (I.Ö.8000-5000) of some river mouths along the Sea of ​​Marmara settlements, Chalcolithic (Top peak i. Ö. 4300) and the settlements along the coast of Troy, 1 and II. Containing layer of the contemporary settlements, Tekirdağ Museum Directorate has been identified. (Early Bronze Age I-II, 3000-2400) BC Between the years 1400-1000 with a wave of migration from Thrace, Thrace, Proto-Trak, defined as levels of social organization in terms of communities, there was much back.
Thracians, living in nomadic communities?. O.. Century, the Aegean islands and the shores of the Marmara Sea from 8-6 Samos'lu colonists founded cities of the colony. The most important of these, located within the boundaries of today's Tekirdag Perinthos (Marmara Eregli) and Bisanthe (Barbarossa) is the Thrace region between i.Ö.546-430 coming from the east and Persia came under the dominion of Persia ridden.
BC King Philip II of Macedonia in 352. Thracian Philip held on time, up to the coastal regions were occupied by relatives ipsala'dan M. Eregli. Perinthos (M. Eregli) showed a large resistance. II.Philip from and to India after the passing of time that Alexander the Great Perinthos (M. Eregli) 'ni conquered. After his death, the district entered the rule Lysımochos'un. Regional, BC 30 years until the Roman Empire's domination of the Macedonian kings and Odris changed hands constantly.

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