11 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Introducing Tekirdağ Province 3

Effects of Mediterranean climate of hot summers in the Tekirdag coast, winters warm. Ruled the coastal strip into the Ergene basin, but rather is dominated by continental climate. Rain falling on the soil type is usually rain, snowfall is less. agriculture moderate climate make it easy to groove. Tekirdağ average rainfall of at least August, most in December is seen. coastal strip between the Mediterranean climate can be characterized as Şarköy-Kumbağ. This feature, being the north shore, running parallel to the mountains and the sea is due to the influence of ılıtıcı.
inner parts of the land under the influence of climate. Especially in the winter climate effects are seen in northern Europe. In this regard, there is its own special climate type. As is usually dry and hot summers in the Mediterranean. Here comes from the Siberian winter, dry and freezing temperatures over the Balkans antisiklonu olur.iç softening effect of the Marmara Sea is devoid of cuts. Coast in the center of Tekirdag province in July, a 25 degree temperature, Corlu and suburbs around 26-30 degrees.
Tekirdag, summer and winter, too spoiler. The judge and the constant wind northeaster, the second major wind lodostur. Northeastern Central Europe as long as high pressure, severe work in Thrace and Tekirdağ. Work only during the day and wins the character of northeastern low-pressure breeze.
For entry into the valley of the south to Thrace Evros Corlu many works such as the inland districts. Tekirdag, and frequent but short-lived coastal ieridinde. March, brings rain in April and May breezes.

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